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The Bodine's


My grandmother Mabel Florence Bodine Oliver (in 1943 in Chicago),  was the only grandmother I knew, and she helped raise me.  

She was the best grandmother a child could have, but I knew that life for her had been difficult.  Leaving her family after making an inter-racial marriage at a time that it was illegal to do so in Kansas was difficult for her.

In Chicago, where my grandparents settled after they married in Milwaukee in 1915 she became a Baha'i -  a faith that embraced people of all backgrounds. I have not been able to find her listed in the archives - but did receive a confirmation of her membership in New York, where my grandparents moved when I was born in 1947.

Baha'i Temple.jpg (561210 bytes)

 This is a photo of my grandmother and other Bahai's  taken some time in the 1930's or 40's (I think)  Click thumbnail to see full-sized  She has a check mark over her head on the upper left.  I would love to hear from anyone who can identify other's in this photo.



My great grandfather George Emerson Bodine,  and my father George Bodine Oliver, who never got a chance to meet in life due to the walls and barriers placed between races.

George Emerson Bodine was born July 28th, 1863 in Dearborn County, IN and  died July 23rd, 1948 in Lyon County KS.   According   his obituary, "In 1884, he married Edwardeen Bratt of Emporia, who died in 1893.  From this marriage four children survive: Mrs. Mabel Oliver, of Brooklyn, NY (my grandmother),  Mrs. Pearl Crawford, San Bernadino Calif., Mrs. Anna Raikes, Emmett Kansas, and Harold L. Bodine, Burlingame, KS.

In 1894 he married Mary Estella Burns of Burlingame who dies in 1936.  Surviving children are Ernest P. Bodine, Osage City, KS, Mrs. Alta Ogleby, Topeka, KS, Ralph E. Bodine, Scranton and Mrs. Lucille Schoenfeld, Oklahoma City.

The obituary  mentions that he was also survived by twenty-two grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren, and by his third wife Edith C. Haller of Admire Kansas, who was the sister of his second wife.



My  great grandfather and his first wife Edwardeen Hortense Bratt

According to my grandmother, Edwardeen wrote poems and songs.  I found this in an envelope of my grandmother's labeled  

"written in my own mother's hand" .  She cherished this small memento of her mother.

Ewardeen poem pg1 copy.JPG (859467 bytes)      Edwardeen poem pg2 copy.JPG (718760 bytes)  click on thumbnail to read and view



My grandmother's sisters Effie and Alta and her brother Harold and his wife.


My  great great grandfather Benjamin Bodine, and his third wife Elizabeth Nocks; not George Emerson's mother Maryann Sutton McIntyre; with  George Emerson and sister, in an old tintype.

Benjamin Bodine  served in the Mexican War,  Indiana Soldiers 3rd Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry Mexican War Company K.   This Company consisted mostly of soldiers from Dearborn County, Indiana, called the Dearborn Volunteers.

Benjamin Bodine
Dearborn County. Mustered in 18 Jun 1846, at New Albany, Indiana, by Colonel Samuel 
Churchill, mustered out 27 Jun 1847, at New Orleans, Louisiana, by Colonel Samuel 

After he mustered out he married Elly (Ella ) McMullen, Nov 25th 1847.  

From Indiana State Library Genealogy Division Indiana Marriages Through 1850

Last Name, Bride or Groom:
First Name, Bride or Groom:
Last Name, Spouse:
First Name, Spouse:

Elly died- Mar 5 1853, and on 20 October 1853, Benjamin married Maryann Sutton, born  29 May 1832.   Maryann was George Emerson's mother.  Maryann died 22 Feb 1867.

Benjamin-marriage-to-Maryan.jpg (1323083 bytes)

"Be it known, That on the 18th day of October in the year eighteen
and 53, a marriage license was issued to Benjamin Bodine ----
Mrs. Mary Ann McIntire. 
Which said license is in the words and figures following, to-wit: 
State of Indiana , Ohio county,
empowered by law to solemnize marriages in the
county of Ohio    greeting:  You are hereby
join together as husband and wife, Mr. Benjamin Bodine and Mrs.
Mary Ann McIntire according to the laws of the Sate of Indiana.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I John R Ross Clerk of the Circuit
county, hereinto subscribe my name, and affix the seal of said Court, at Rising Sun
this 18th day of October A.D. 1853  (Signature of John Ross)
The marriage of whom is thus certified: 
State of Indiana , Ohio county.  I, the undersigned a
Local Elder in the
M.E. Church do hereby certify that Benjamin Bodine
------- and Mary Ann McIntire -----
joined together as husband and wife, on the 19th day of Oct. 1853 by me.
(signed) A, J. Cotton"

 (transcribed and sent to me by cousin Robin Toms)

We were confused for some time about Mary Ann - since the family bible listed her as McIntyre - recently Robin Toms discovered new documents, including an interview with George Emerson Bodine, my great grandfather in which he discusses his father Benjamin, and his mother Mary Ann, stating Mary Ann's maiden name was "Sutton", and naming her brothers and sisters as "Rachel, Louis and George W".  Robin then found a marriage record for Mary Ann to Davis McIntyre.  George explains that his mother was a widow when she married Benjamin.

This has opened up a whole new line of research for us.  Will be adding more SUTTON information after we pull it together.

Benjamin remarried Elizabeth Nocks, after Mary Ann's death and here they are in the 1880 census:

1880 Census Place:     Center, Lyon, Kansas
         Source:   FHL Film 1254387  National Archives Film T9-0387     Page 316C    
Benjamin BODINE   Self      M         M         W         57     OH    Occ:      Farming   Fa: NY    Mo: OH
Elizabeth BODINE          Wife      F         M         W         49    IN   Occ:      Housekeeping      Fa: ME    Mo: ME
George E. BODINE          Son       M         S         W         17        IN    Fa: OH    Mo: IN
Allie M. BODINE   Dau       F         S         W         10        KS    Occ:      At School         Fa: OH    Mo: IN

The Bodine's are a large clan, and my grandmother  was the oldest of the six children by his first wife.  When her mother died, her father re-married  Mary Estella Burns a year later and sired six more children.  Upon the death of Mary Estella , he married her sister Edith Burns Haller in 1937. While searching the internet, I found a website devoted to Bodine family history.  With it I was able to trace this lineage back to the early settlers in New Amsterdam.

I currently live in Ulster County New York, and was surprised to find out that though I just thought of my grandmother's family as "people from Kansas", I am currently living very close to the church where my g-g-g-g grandfather  Wilhelm Bodine (all of these "g's" are confusing me) was married and to the cemetery where he is buried. 

Until recently I had never met any of my Bodine relatives, though Helen Bodine did correspond with my mother and father before they died, and I thank her for several more pieces of the family puzzle I am putting together.    I have thumb-nailed them to save download time.  I have written her notes that were on the back of each photo next to them


GE bodine Dick C Flora B copy.JPG (265557 bytes)   My Daddy Geo. Bodine, Nephew Dick Crawford, Niece Flora Bodine

Sister Pearle copy.JPG (38045 bytes)   Sister Pearle

Pearle and Mabel college-1 copy.JPG (96510 bytes) Pearle and Mabel

Mabel Pearl Anna Harold.jpg (767977 bytes) Mabel, Pearle, Anna, Harold

Sis Effie 1 husb Elmer.jpg (371048 bytes) Sister Effie and first  husband Elmer

sis effie and hub 2 Mike copy.JPG (300854 bytes) Sister Effie and 2nd husband Mike

Sis Clara Lucille George S copy.JPG (669310 bytes) Sister Clara Lucille and husband George Schoenfeld

Frank Haller copy.JPG (269902 bytes)  Frank Haller

GE Bodine and baby Flora copy.JPG (144142 bytes) Harold's baby Flora and Grandpa Bodine, baby age 5 1/2 months May, 1918

Bodine fam photo copy.JPG (77495 bytes)

Bodine family photo,  George Emerson Bodine in the center


Brother Ernest at the farm copy.JPG (179465 bytes)

 Brother Ernest  on the farm



Brother_ralph_and_wife_Eth_copy.JPG (10630 bytes)  Brother Ralph and wife Ethel

GE Bodine and unident Bodi copy.JPG (237171 bytes) George Emerson Bodine and other family members

GE Bodine fam July 44 copy.JPG (180097 bytes)  1944

Niece Maxine Denny copy.JPG (243031 bytes) Maxine Denny, Sister Anna's oldest daughter

Earl Mary Doris Bodine copy.JPG (137379 bytes) Earl, Mary and Doris Bodine, children of Ralph and Ethel Bodine

Nephew Marvin s o Ernest copy.JPG (84468 bytes)

   Nephew Marvin, Ernest  and Ethel's son. 



Recent additions to the photo album

Well thanks to cyberspace,  as of Wed, 20 Jun 2001 I am in touch with long lost Bodine family members - some who didn't know the story of my grandmother at all.  I've received quite a few e-mails, made and received many phone calls and shed a few tears.  I know that where ever my grandmother Mabel is,  she is smiling.  

Some of my new found cousins are sending me more photos and parts of the family history I knew nothing about.  Will continue to update as things come in and will get names, and dates in as soon as I straighten it all out.

I also received a visit from my young cousin Joe Bodine, and we spent several wonderful days researching the Bodine family history in  Ulster and Orange counties of New York.


From Helen Bodine, granddaughter of George Emerson  and Mary Estella :

George Emerson Bodine and second wife Mary Estella Burns with baby Ernest, 

born March 2, 1897.

From Joe Bodine (g-grandson of George Emerson Bodine and Mary Estella):

The gravestone of Edwardeen Bodine, first wife of George Emerson Bodine


The headstone for George Emerson and Mary Estella Burns Bodine

school2 copy.JPG (62165 bytes) The old schoolhouse near the farm

G.E. Bodine with Horses1.jpg (153980 bytes)

         George Emerson Bodine with horse on the farm       


   G.E. Bodine farm1.jpg (156369 bytes) The Bodine Farm


Ernestand Ethel copy.JPG (13745 bytes)   Ernest and Ethel Bodine (Joe's granddad and grandmother)


children of Ern and Eth copy.JPG (34189 bytes) Ernest and Ethel's children; Marvin, Fern , Helen and Preston - June 1958


From Robin Toms:

GEB, Marylis Effie Marcia1.jpg (233991 bytes) George Emerson Bodine, Effie Marie Bodine Son Simes, Maryls Son Stathos, Marcia Stathos


Effie Marie Bodine.jpg (259795 bytes) Effie Marie Bodine Son Simes


More pictures are on the way.....stay tuned

July 9th 2007

Finally got around to putting up new pictures - these were sent by cousin Eddie Wilson - who is related through Allie May Bodine Schriner:

The Bodine's and the Schriners





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