Nadhiyr is a priest of Ochosi, in the house (rama) of

 Piraña (Pimienta).  Denise (Omi Saide), is a priestess 

of  Yemaya in the house of 

Eduardo Pastoriza (Shango Lari, ibae), 

a rama from Havana (Efunche) and an Arara line in Matanzas, Cuba. 

Both Denise and Nadhiyr are descended 

from the renowned priestess of Yemaya,

 Ferminita Gomez  (Oshabí, ibae). 

Ferminita.jpg (37518 bytes) 

Ferminita Gomez

Denise is the goddaughter of  Angela Fontanez 

(Omi  Relekun), who has produced and directed videos on

 Orisha for the Caribbean Cultural Center in NYC.

Both Nadhiyr and Denise are members of the

 Church of the Lucumi Babalu Aye (CLBA).