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We hope you are enjoying your exploration of our Wemba cyber-domain. We both have lots of interests, and our move to a new home has been an adventure, so our personal pages have multiplied:

Renovating Our  New House in Saugerties

Septic repairs





Politics - my blog


We were married in 1997 as members of the Lukumi Yoruba faith.

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 Our wedding 

We recently moved from Stone Ridge, New York to Saugerties,  in the Hudson Valley,  where we are fixin' up an old farm house and barn.

  Nadhiyr  teaches drum and shekere workshops


He is the

 congero for Mambo Ki-Kongo, a latin-jazz band headed by Carlos Valdez,

  plays drums for dance classes and

 workshops with Richard Gonzales, 

and Rosamaria Roberts. 

He has performed with Mambo Macoco, Jay Collins,

 SonOrisha, and played percussion

 on Worlds Collide, by Anne Pollack and Majica.

Nadhiyr collects and handcrafts instruments,

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our house is filled with instruments

especially shekeres,

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 and music; both jazz and latin.

He also handcrafts and beads shekeres for sale.


click here to visit the Saugerties Shekere Shop


Denise is a medical anthropologist/ethnographer working

 in AIDs research, most recently as a consultant for NDRI.

  She  also teaches  Anthropology at SUNY New Paltz

 and gives lectures and

 presentations on African diasporic traditions and

 the revolutionary struggles of the 60's and 70's here in the United States. 

She is a former member of the Young Lords Party 

Central Committee, former member of the Black Panther Party, and the Revolutionary People's Communication Network .

She was the Program Director of

 WPFW-FM, Pacifica, Washington, D.C.

She  also grows roses, writes poetry  and is

 frequently found in cyberspace on gardening newsgroups,

 and is the Forum Manager of the AfriGeneas Getting Started Forum

Her latest interest is re-constructing her family history

and she has collected some interesting photographs of

 her varied ancestral lineages.

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Meet our animal family. We have 3 dogs; 

  Chosi, Tabu and Kemo, three cats;

    Pombajira, Vodou and Ode.

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All of our animals were rescued, or adopted from an

 animal shelter, and we also have 9 goats.

Hope you've enjoyed your visit to our personal page.  

  Please  come back and visit us again. 


Nadhiyr and Denise


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