Elegua, OgunOchosi, and Osun, 

are called "The Warriors" by the Lucumi 


Ogun is the Orisha of iron and metals.  

He is responsible for all things mechanical.  

Many people think of Ogun only in terms of weapons of

 war,  because he is a fierce warrior.  But Ogun  also

 makes implements for farming and medicine; 

like the hoe,  and the surgeon's scalpel.

His symbol is the knife.

His number in some Lucumi houses is 7, others use 3.

His colors are green and black.

His feast day is June 29th.


Ochosi is the Hunter, and is symbolized 

by a bow and arrow.  He is the Orisha who metes out

 Justice, and is sometimes referred to as the 

"the Messenger of Obatala".

zbrassochosi.jpg (19056 bytes)

A brass sculpture of Ochosi

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All hunting birds like hawks, eagles, and falcons are his.

His colors are blue and gold, or green and blue

His feast day is April 23rd

His number is 7


Osun is the staff of Osanyin, who is the Orisha 

of herbs and herbal healing. 

He lives in the forest, and does not speak.

He is represented standing on one leg.


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