Centro Holistico de Terapias 

Center of Holistic Therapies


One of the most interesting side-trips I took was a visit to the new clinic/center in Rio founded and run by Dr. Jose Flavio Pessoa de Barros, Dr. Edson Carpes and Dr. Ana Paula Camargo. 

Dr. Jose Flavio in the Center


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  center pamphlet

The logo of the clinic combines the yin/yang symbol of Buddhism and the colors - black and red - of the Orisha Exu.

Center reception area


Overhead of center reception area


Center entrance


Center meditation area
















Center conference area

The center was established to offer  alternative health therapies for those who live with urban stress - holistically connecting the psychological, physical and spiritual needs we have for healing.

Combining Eastern and African traditions - the center also offers various types of divination and oracular consultations and the entire feeling one gets upon entering is one of relaxation and meditation.

I did not get a chance to actually experience any of the treatments when there - but hope to do so on my next trip.