Denise's Ancestors





As you wade through closets, old photo albums, boxes of "stuff",  there are things you don't want to throw away, things that were passed down that may have no meaning for you, but might be a piece of someone else's history, and items of no monetary value, but of great sentimental worth. 


This page contains a potpourri of items from my boxes of stuff.


From Maryland State College at Princess Ann:


Ballet-Recital-Maryland-195.jpg (1036966 bytes)

When I was growing up, every little girl  had dreams of being a ballerina - but for young black girls this was considered to be impossible.  I have fond memories of the time my family spent on the campus of Maryland state in the 1950's - a segregated school at the time - where the little girls on campus got a chance to take ballet, and to perform.  I later continued lessons in New York, with Lavinia Williams, but never became a dancer.  I wonder what happened to the other little girls on this poster - and to our ballet instructor, Miss Barbara Winters.




This poster from a concert I attended in the sixties brings back many memories.

Leon Bibb and his wife Marilyn were good friends of my parents, and I grew up in a world of folk songs, jazz and political expression.  Many young people today know nothing of the music of Paul Robeson, Odetta, Peter Paul and Mary...I am fortunate to have grown up in a household filled with music, political protest and art .

(more to come as I continue to scan items)