Denise's Ancestors

-Found -

A Jackson Family Bible

Washington DC & Arlington VA


A fellow researcher, Lloyd Smith sent me this "found" item - a family bible - pages crumbling -  but the entries are still legible.  I hope that researching this family will help find the rightful owners.

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Front plate

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Marriage Certificate

  marriage cert a.jpg (335649 bytes)     Alice R. Dickenson (Dickerson) marries Solomon H Thompson of Arlington VA, August 20th 1936.  (This is a second marriage for Alice Jackson)


births a.jpg (3190780 bytes)   Alice R. Jackson, b. Jan. 18, 1874; Marie B. Jackson, b. Aug 24, 1883;  Estelle Jackson, b. July 27, 1885; Anna M. Jackson, b. Oct. 3, 1888; and Grace Louise Jackson, b. Dec. 4, 1895.


Deaths.jpg (2994741 bytes) Whitfield Jackson - d. Jan. 18, 1916; Annie Jackson d. May 1942;  Marie B. Jackson, d. April 3, 1945, and Julia Jackson Rodriguez, d. Aug 22, 1947


marriage cert b.jpg (297264 bytes)  Alice Jackson marries Charles Dickerson,  & Julia Jackson marries P A Rodriguez

Temperance Pledge

temp pledge.jpg (344258 bytes)    signed by Julia E. Jackson & Anna M. Jackson


I took a look at census records and located the family immediately, starting with the Whitfield Jackson, who I assumed might be the father from his date of death.  

1910 Census:

District of Columbia , WASHINGTON, ED 51, Age 70,  Male,  Race: Mulatto,  Born: VA
Series: T624  Roll: 150   Page: 89

In the household are Whitfield, wife Anna, born VA and all the daughters, born Washington DC.

Going back to the 1900 census, the index is mis-spelled but it is the same family:

Jackson, Winfied
Lived in:  Washington, Washington County, District of Columbia
Series: T623     Microfilm:  160     Book:  1     Page:  101     ED 38


Whitfield is listed as age 51(an error), Anna's age I cannot read, but they are listed as married 26 years. Cannot read his occupation but his wife Anna is listed as a caterer, daughter Alice is a school teacher, and Marie is a seamstress.  The other girls are in school.

Given the birth locations of the children, I figured I should find them in the 1880 census in DC, and I did:

1880 Census Place: Washington, Washington, D.C., Washington D.C.
Source: FHL Film 1254122 National Archives Film T9-0122 Page 289C 
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Whitfield JACKSON Self M M MU 41 VA
Occ: Keeps Market Fa: VA Mo: VA
Anna JACKSON Wife F M MU 29 DC
Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: VA
Allice JACKSON Dau F S MU 6 DC
Fa: VA Mo: DC
Fa: VA Mo: DC
Mason JACKSON Mother F W MU 84 VA
Occ: Lives In Family Fa: VA Mo: VA

New information emerges from this data - since Whitfield's widowed mother is in the household.

Anna is listed as born DC which conflicts with the 1900 data.

Going back further, I check 1870, both in DC and Virginia.

District of Columbia , WASHINGTON, 2-WD WASHINGTON, Age 26,  Male,  Race: Mulatto,  Born: VA
Series: M593  Roll: 123   Page: 286

He is listed as a grocer, and his widowed mother Mason, 54 is living with him.

There are other people in the household:

David LEWIS, male, mulatto 22, laborer, VA

Isaac LARRY or LORRY, mulatto, 8

Ellen SCOTT, female, mulatto, 12, VA

Edmund JOHNSON, male ,mulatto, 60, VA, laborer

I don't think I can go back any further, without more extensive research, therefore I will stop my backward journey here for a moment and move forward in time to see if I can locate the girls, and widow of Whitfield in 1920 and 1930:

I start with Julia Jackson RODRIGUEZ, since she marries a Rodriguez in 1914 - should be easier to trace than a Jackson - of which there are so many, as all Jackson researchers know

To my surprise I find her in Puerto Rico. 

Jalkson de Rodriguez, Julia     Age: 48 Year: 1930

  Birthplace: Washington Roll:  T626_2645   Race: Colored Page:  30A  

  State: Puerto Rico ED:  1   County: Catano Image:  0062

   Township: Catano   Relationship: Wife

Her husband matches the marriage record - Antonio Pilar Rodriguez, and they have 3 children - Iris 14, Gloria 12, and Raimundo 7. (this is probably Raymond)

Now to find Alice, married to Charles Dickerson.

There were too many listings for Charles Dickerson's in the 1920 census for me to locate them quickly, especially since I don't know his age, or birthplace. 

I'll save that for a another day. I did find her, widowed, in DC, in 1930.  She is living with her mother who is listed as "Georgiana" not Anna, and sisters Marie, and Anna. She is working as the matron of a school:

Dickerson, Alice   Age: 49 Year: 1930

  Birthplace: District of Columbia Roll:  T626_298

  Race: Negro Page:  9A  

  State: District of Columbia ED:  216  

  County: Washington Image:  0078  

  Township: Washington

Still missing are sisters Grace Louise, and Estelle.


I hope that someone recognizes this family and contacts me.  A family bible is a treasure, and should be preserved.


Denise Oliver-Velez