Saugerties Garden

One of the fun things about buying this new "old house" is having the chance to garden - with unlimited space.  But the first spring here is one of discovery - finding out what's here and deciding what  I want to add.





Mystery bush in front of the guest house:





I have no clue what this rose bush in front of the guesthouse is - and can't wait till it blooms to find out.


The first flowers that bloomed in the front yard were snowdrops


I have room here for all the roses I can dig holes for!

Thanks to folks at the Antique Roses Forum at Garden Web, I'm getting good advice about what I can grow in zone 5.


First roses arrive for the new garden, from Chamblee's:



The whole order  - nice and healthy:

Paul Neyron
New Dawn
Marchesa Boccella
La Reine
Gruss An Aachen
General Jacqueminot
Country Dancer
Carefree Beauty
Basye's Blueberry
Baronne Prevost
Sally Holmes


Now I have to start digging holes - which is a problem in the rocky Hudson Valley


first plantings


Am also building flowerbeds - which will be filled by the seedlings from my new adventures with winter sowing, which my good friend Alberta introduced me to and if you are interested - check out the Winter Sowing forum at Garden Web.



         Winter sowing containers on the back porch


first sprouts


bulbs are up


Saugerties Garden - 2 years later is still a work in progress

I gave up on digging up rocks (see rock gardening link below) and learned how to build lasagna beds.













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