FREE PEOPLE of COLOR (FPOC) in Loudoun County VA in the 1860 Census


This is not an alphabetized list.  I have transcribed all FPOC from the microfilm - and am using the original page numbers.  If a FPOC is living in a white household, I have noted the name of the head of household and his or her occupation.


Where possible I have included notes referencing other records - like the Loudoun County Register of Free Negroes.


Please excuse any errors - I still have difficulty reading old-fashioned hand writing so if you notice any mistakes drop me a line at  Denise.


This is a work in progress.  I have currently completed Leesburg and am working on Waterford.


Currently posted are the first 125 pages.


My only changes from the original is I use Mu for mulatto instead of M - to avoid confusion with M for Male.


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